Thousands of tranquil cities

You scrutinize the city, and it scrutinizes you. It raises its spires. It learns about you looking from the walls. It flings open and closes its gates…


(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)


… But whatever we say about the city, its character, spirit or atmosphere — it will refer to a greater degree to ourselves, to our lives and our perception. There is no other centre of the city but ourselves.


(Orhan Pamuk)


In this collection prints on fabric yielded to the handles, manually composed on the surface of the fabric. This alters the plasticity of the fabric in an unexpected way.


In collaboration with Italian and English factories new materials were developed, and their characteristics allow to simplify the technology of manufacturing.


Headwear and bags are made of fiber felt of different density.



Fabrics used in the collection: weft (wool), woolwork, silk organza, silk velvet, cotton jersey, flax-fibre, viscose.