Take-away Light



With the help of smart technology we cover thousands of kilometers. We try to outrun time. We know our cars better than ourselves and think even in our sleep. We are overwhelmed with emotions. 

It is very hard to keep the balance today. We have to make stops to look around. We can find the answers if we contemplate the world that surrounds us, reset our brain and take a breath. But it is easier said than done: the world we live in is moving non-stop and is forever restless. Where can we make a stop?


The prints in the collection remind us of flowery meadows, they bring the calmness of sand coasts. The clothes made of silk crepon, crepe de Chine, satin and soft bamboo jersey can not only find its place in a wardrobe but also become an irreplaceable part of one’s life. We have a portion of take-away light to offer you.


Vibrations have no colour, but colour vibrates.

Mood has no texture, but texture always creates mood.


You can make a stop wherever you want